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The College of IS&T's Office of Academic Undergraduate Advising recognizes that students have individual academic, career and sometimes personal needs which might require special assistance. Following are some guidelines on how your Academic Adviser can help you. To ensure better service, students are strongly encouraged to make and appointment to meet with their advisor. Walk-ins are only taken during specified times during the semester.

What do the advisors do?

The advisors can explain the rules and requirements for the IS&T programs and help you figure out how they apply to your situation. The advisor will actually prepare your records so that you meet all the requirements for the degree in the "final audit" process. The chairs of each program will then sign off on your record.

The most useful thing the advisors can do is provide advice about what degree program specific courses, or scheduling would be most helpful to you. They can also help with difficult situations in which you have a concern with your grades, course instruction, time management, scheduling conflicts, or other academic issues you might have with your courses and the program.

For more information, visit the department websites:

When should I see an advisor?

During your freshman and sophomore year, you should check with your advisor every semester. After that, it's a good idea to check in with your advisor at least once per year, to make sure that your record is up-to-date and to catch any problems early. We often see students who either missed a change in the requirements, or were caught by surprise because they went years without talking to an advisor.

Don't wait until the last minute to schedule an appointment to come in! The advisors have only a limited number of hours available and their schedules fill up quickly. Students are required to meet with an advisor every semester during freshman and sophomore year.

Students ready to graduate?

You should make an appointment when you have earned 91 credit hours to review your whole record (a "senior audit"). It is a MUST to make an appointment with your advisor at the beginning of your last semester (the "final audit"). The idea of these two audits is to detect any problems early enough that you still have a chance to correct them (e.g. by adding a course). You don't want to be forced to hang around an additional semester just to take one course to meet some requirement!

Prospective Student Checklist

(Or, what do I do and in what order?)

Submit your application to the UNO Admissions Office, Eppley Administration Building, Rm. 103, 6001 Dodge St., Omaha, NE 68182, Ph. 554-2393. Pick up a UNO Catalog at the Registrar's Office, EAB, Rm. 105, Ph. 554-2314. Read sections concerning academic policies of the College of Information Science & Technology (IS&T) and the University. On-line applications and class schedules are available at

Request official high school & college transcripts of ALL previously attended institutions be mailed directly to the UNO Admissions Office. These must be received before admission to the University can be finalized. Further, submit ACT or SAT scores. These scores are required from all students with fewer than 12 earned semester credit hours of college level course work.

Receive your University Notification of Admission. Be sure to note any special conditions or provisions relating to your admission. If you do not receive a notification of admission, contact the UNO Admissions Office, Ph. 554-2393. (This notification is usually sent within two weeks of the University receiving your Admission application.)

Contact the UNO Testing Center in EAB, Rm. 113, Ph. 554-4800 and register for appropriate placement exams. Visit the Testing Center's website to register for placement exams.

Receive your E-BRUNO Registration Form in the mail. This form will contain your personal id number, "PIN", which you will need for registration purposes each semester. It is important to keep it in a handy, secure place for future registrations.

Receive your Placement Exam results. Typically, you will receive results of the Math Placement Exam/Calculus Readiness Exam (MPE/CRE) in about one week, the English Placement/Proficiency Exam (EPPE) in about 2 weeks, and the Chemistry Diagnostic Exam in about one week after taking the placement exams. If you do not receive results in the indicated time frames, contact the Testing Center in EAB, Rm. 113 or Ph. 554-4800.

Receive University Orientation materials. If you do not receive any orientation materials by the time you receive the placement exam results, request a copy of the orientation materials by phoning or stopping by the Orientation Office, EAB 115, Ph. 554-2677.

Find an Orientation session online at Besides being a University requirement, there are many advantages associated with attending an orientation session. This includes being permitted to register early for classes.

Attend orientation session (554-2677) before seeing your academic advisor. All new & transfer students are required to attend an orientation session.

Make an appointment with your academic advisor. The appointment should be made after you receive the placement exam results. Contact the College's Academic Advising Office, Ph. 554-3819 to schedule your appointment.

Prepare for and meet with an academic advisor: Be sure to bring with you all placement exam results and your pin number. Familiarize yourself with the curriculum (UNO catalog), and online schedule of classes for your selected major.

Undergraduate Advising Staff

Farida Majid
Director, Academic Advisor - Junior and Senior Students & Scott Scholars

Judith Monarrez Diaz-Kelsey
Academic Advisor/Student Recruiter - Freshman and Sophomore Students

Jeff Blackmore
Student Advisor

Leslie Planos
Advising Coordinator

To make an appointment to meet with an undergraduate advisor, please contact us at
College of IS&T, Advising Office
Peter Kiewit Institute 170
(402) 554-3819