College of Information Science and Technology

NE-INBRE Scholar's Award

General Information For Undergraduate Students

Other Comments:

The following items need to be received by close of business, February 19, 2012:

  1. Completed application form
  2. Statement of Interests and Career Goals
  3. Letter(s) of recommendation
  4. Current resume

Submit your completed application along with a separate Statement of Interests and Career Goals and current resume below.

The Statement of Interests and Career Goals should address the following:

  1. Why you want to participate in the NE-INBRE Scholars program.
  2. What your future educational and career goals are.
  3. How you see the program affecting those goals.
  4. Your qualifications for participation in this program; e.g. any previous summer programs or courses that included hands-on laboratory experience. (Note that lab experience is not a requirement for acceptance into the program.)

Additionally, you need to obtain at least one letter of recommendation from a UNO faculty member. A second letter is suggested but not required. A second letter would be accepted from another UNO faculty member, a high school teacher or an employer but not from family members or friends. Letters of recommendation must be sent directly to Rebecca Pray at or to PKI 172. Letters turned in or forwarded by students will not be considered. Letters of recommendation also need to be received by close of business on February 20, 2012. All items of the application package, including letters of recommendation, will become the private property of the UNO Bioinformatics program and will not be available for review by the students at any time.

See the IS&T Scholarship page for information about applying for scholarships outside of IS&T.